Christer Kaitila

Christer Kaitila

Game Developer


Rubba Rabbit, a bouncy platformer game made in html5

Basho, a fast-action arcade game made in html5

Skelevator, a mobile jumping game made in html5

Bouncycastlelicious, a gigantic html5 bouncy castle

The Peasants are Revolting, a tower defense game

Greeble, a pixel perfect platformer made in html5

Pathos, a romantic puzzle game made in html5

Fantasy Map Tactics, a turn-based strategy game

Sal and Papa, a cute toy with silly voices

Airlock One, a rotating hexagon puzzle game

Gates of Rath, a turn-based pacman game made in html5

Wolf King, a 3d voxel platformer made in unity

Digital Deadwood, an isometric multiplayer world

Lost Adventure, a persistent html5 multiplayer world

Kool Community, a toon multiplayer world made in html5

Mars Orbital, a 3d platformer with marble physics

Tournament Golf, 3d golf made in C++ and openGL

Oceana, a 3d fish flocking simulator made in C++ openGL

SalmonRun, a 3d simulation of spawning salmon in a river

Globular, an openGL metaballs demoscene loadscreen

Deadwood Blackjack and Slots minigames made in html5

Cold Fuzion TRPG, a pencil and dice tabletop rpg

Get Kraken, a 3d turn-based tactics game made in unity

Kaizen, a bullet-hell shooter made in flash stage3d

Gwendolyn the Lionhearted, an html5 metroidvania

Super Snowball Fight, a 3d FPS made in C++

Dr. Nano, a bullet-hell 2d shooter made in flash AS3

Rising Magma of Doom, a 2d platformer made in html5

A Familiar Story, a visual novel made in html5

Bounce-onium!, a pinball game with hand-drawn art

Sushi Overload, an arcade game made in html

Super Skill Jump, a joke game made in html5

Digital Sturgis, a shockwave3d multiplayer chatroom

Trail Ride, a shockwave3d horseback riding simulator

Funkyblaster, a 3d bullethell shooter made in flash

PuzzaBomb, a shockwave3d marble-rolling game

The Infinity Formula, a tabletop board game

Snowboggan, a tobogganing game made in flash

The Camel's Back, an interactive flash physics toy

FunRun, a quake2 mod with ai bots and a frontend gui

Botmatch, a top-view shooter made in C++ and openGL

Find-n-Win, a where's waldo hidden object game

Jr. Jockey, a coin-operated arcade kiddie ride

Wildflowers, a hidden object html5 game

Poptuple, an html5 bubble-popping puzzle game

Vault Hackers, an html5 hacking puzzle game

Trickytron, a 3d skateboarding game made in unity

Cluster Defense, a tower defense mobile edu-game


Jazzyboy, a jazz fusion album

Dessert Oasis, a funky house album

Chuffed, a dub reggae album


The Game Jam Survival Guide, 114 page paperback

Adobe Flash 11 Stage3D Beginner's Guide, 412 page textbook

Game Jamming in Unity, 40 page e-book (free)